Debit Card

Debit card for foreigners

IFCDC debit card is a card that is activated without a name and only by presenting a passport for foreign nationals and provides all the necessary banking services and facilities at the level of small payments to commercial and business transactions.

This card has the possibility of activation at the origin and can provide its services to its customers all over the world without restrictions.
This card, which is offered at two levels of retail payment services and commercial services, provides a wide range of financial and banking services to its customers in Iranian Rial, some of these services are as follows:

  • Purchase and activation in the source market
  • Transfer money from card to card
  • Receive money through the wallet on an unlimited basis
  • Receive money through a bank account on an unlimited basis
  • Transfer funds to other people’s wallets without restrictions
  • Unlimited deposits to other people’s accounts
  • Management of
  • assets and Rials under the wallet
  • Receive money in cash from the ATM
  • Receive money from the exchange
  • Purchase through IPG
  • internet portals (active internet password)
  • Shopping through pos
  • mobile shopping portals
  • Unlimited card renewal
  • Use discount network connected to Card and wallet
  • Secure services for commercial and business users in the form of an anonymous account

You can find answers to your questions in this section:

We have answered most of the frequently asked questions in this section. If you think your questions are not in this section, be sure to ask us through the contact page.

Currently, this card is available in the sales network of exchanges in Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan, and the network of regional representatives and sales points is still being developed.

After receiving the card, the wallet connected to the card is instantly activated and it is possible to receive money in the wallet. However, to activate the card, you must provide identification documents to the sales representative until your registration is complete within 24 hours.

Depositing the card is possible in 4 ways:

  • Transfer money to the wallet through the ATM
  • Transfer money from another card to your card directly
  • Deposit to the bank account of the card through the bank and
  • charge the card through platform support
  • Direct deposit in the wallet through the wallet banking portal

There is a regional representative in each region. To introduce this representative, submit your contact information and request in the message section.

To create a regional sales representative, on the contact page, provide your capacity to create this sales representative and the number of cards that can be sold, you will be contacted and the necessary contracts for this work will be sent to you.

The best support for customers is the shopping network and the representative from which you bought the card.

You can communicate with them in messengers and ask your questions and solve your problems, otherwise, you can get the necessary support from the following communication channels.
- Submit questions in the questions section of this site
- Ask questions in the wallet support section

Customers can receive their money from the card in 2 ways:
through Iranian ATMs connected to the Shetab network
Through all exchanges

It is possible to receive money from all banks and cards and all service providers (banking applications / Rial wallets / ATM).

It is possible to transfer money from the card to Pasargad bank network cards through (banking applications / Rial wallets / ATMs) with the help of the card's first password and with the internet password.

To activate the business and commercial account behind the card, it is necessary to submit your request to receive services on this site so that these services will be activated for you through a contract.

Sales points permanently have raw cards (unactivated) in their possession, which they offer to customers if needed. These points have direct access to our system to define the customer and activate the cards, and they can directly and with training. Those who have received can manage the transactions of cards sold under their network in the system.

Receiving money through bank portals and depositing to the account is unlimited
Receiving and paying by card is up to 100 million Rials.
Keeping funds in the card account and wallet is unlimited and risk-free.
Payment through wallets and accounts connected to the card is unlimited.

  • Keep the image of the card and the 16-digit number of the card in a safe place so that in case of loss or expiration of the card, it is possible to renew the card by presenting identification documents.
  • Remember the first password and internet password of the card and if possible keep a copy of it in a safe place and use it personally.
  • In case of any problem with the card, contact support or the center that you buy the card.

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