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Business planning

Creating a creative and efficient program based on the needs and patterns of international business, taking into account production and development capacities in the framework of investment opportunities in the path of international trade based on safe and smart infrastructures in order to make your business profitable

Stakeholder relations

Smart design in the relations between stakeholders in the field of commercial and economic activities and maintaining optimality and profitability of relations in safe and risk-free platforms in order to create sustainable business routes based on updated analyses and develop relations in formal and informal frameworks.

Program management

Using the latest international methods in managing financial and business plans for customers in order to support predetermined goals and prepare smart management reports for future decisions and business plans designed with the help of obtaining financial and legal permits for acquisition and Work.
About us

We are consultants and facilitators of business development

The IFCDC is a mechanism based on knowledge and technology to create public infrastructure for financial services for customers at the international level and provide services to businesses and merchants to facilitate financial and executive processes in obtaining licenses and transactions.

Facilitator of financial relations & asset management
Fundraising & Investment
Registration of legal licenses
Financial and development consultant

20 Years of Experience


We’re ready to share our advice and experience.

Growth management


Strategic Management

Risk management


Control and supervision

Financial consultant

Legal affairs

Technological solutions

Our services are designed flexibly based on the needs of target markets. We design our services for each individual customer and will do our best to achieve customer satisfaction. We will use all our technical capacity and communication range to create mutual benefit. We consider our clients to be a part of the big network of international financial communication and we strive for the growth and development of this network.

Our Skill Why choose us? Our philosophy

Our skill is to understand the needs of financial markets and provide optimal solutions to meet these needs by using technology.
Maintaining and developing the scope of international communication is our skill and this is the achievement that we will provide to our businesses and customers.
With the help of our external relations, we have been able to develop a strategic network in international markets and provide our customers with the necessary tools from this network.

With the help of our creativity, we have been able to develop our business and obtain the satisfaction of our customers from the world's biggest financial and business crises.
We have established unique international connections and acquired valuable licenses for our activities.
We have equipped ourselves with technological tools to facilitate relationships between customers and businesses.
We provide customized and specific solutions for our customers and consider each business as a part of us.

By creating fundamental solutions in the context of technology and the development of international communication, we are determined to create the necessary conditions for the development of our partner businesses and to create safe and reliable conditions for the sustainable growth of the business.
We want to overcome the limitations and create a new way for the future.

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Sales network
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Financial instruments
Multi-currency wallet

International payment

The multi-currency wallet is a wallet based on international credits backed by real capital, which has the ability to transact and convert common currencies and provides access to digital currency markets. The wallet is supported by banks and regional exchanges and it is possible to receive money from banks and exchanges. The money transfer in this wallet is unlimited among the account holders of the members and the money transfer in the form of bank cards or receiving cash from the network exchanges is based on regional laws. In this wallet, it is possible to receive money through the QR code and even the mobile number of the members or bank cards connected to the network, and all financial transactions are available on this platform. Under the wallet, the financial tool of the customer club is provided to provide discount services and a network of receivers, whose customers can optimize their expenses with the help of this network. This wallet is still under development